What is chutney? 5-24-12

This is a great day to fly a kite!  It’s pretty windy up here in north Texas, but not the brutal gusty wind.  A nice, hard, breezy, kite-flying kind of wind.  i’ll have to make time for my kite at the park today.

i made mango chutney yesterday.  i don’t know what chutney is, how it should taste, what kind of texture it should have or what it’s used for.  But i let a friend taste it, who also doesn’t know what chutney is, and she said it tastes good.  So i’ll be canning that today, and hopefully it is chutney-ish.  Also more half pints of green olive relish will be canned today because i sold out last week.  i sterilized all the jars yesterday, so it won’t take me long to do that.

Because it’s cooler out today, it’s a great time to get in the garden.  There is still much to be weeded.  i need to make room for the red okra that i just ordered, as well as the pole beans i was discussing on Monday.  Oh!  And i found the Jing Orange Okra seeds i was looking for, so if anyone is looking for those,  i  can hook you up.  It’s not too late in the season to plant them.  Unfortunately, the red okra in what last year was the amaranth bed, is being overtaken by amaranth that reseeded itself.

That garden is again an amaranth bed, with what i planted this year struggling to grow.  Because amaranth is so prolific it is outgrowing everything i planted in it last month.  No complaints, we love our amaranth around here.  Steaming it like spinach, using it for salad greens, baking it as chips, and anything else you’d normally use spinach for.  Dips, dehydrated and crushed as a veggie flour, in quiche, lasagna, tortillas…

This is the day of the week that i have to make sure everything is ready to go to the market early in the morning.  So i’ve been bagging and labeling everything this morning.  While watching a documentary on J. P. Morgan.  Very interesting man whom i have big issues with.  But i’m not getting into politics now, or this post would never end.

It looks like freedom is still popular, and i’m glad for that. ~Ron Paul

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