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Peaches! 6-28-12

So the peaches are finally ripe at the farm.  Ky and i took a day trip down there to pick peaches for Peach Salsa.  We ended up getting some pears too, which she is now pealing.  i’ll make bread out … Continue reading

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Feeding Veggies: 6-25-12

This morning i’ve been feeding my veggies so they can better feed me.  i gave my small, barely growing yet peas a little nitrogen boost.  Soon they’ll be fixing their own nitrogen, but a little help early on helps them … Continue reading

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3-14-12, Wednesday

Another busy day.  We’ll be slaving away in the kitchen again, making my famous olive relish and canning it.  And also making bags of kale chips for the farmers market.  i’m going to experiment with different flavors today, like Salt … Continue reading

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2-2-12, Thursday

Happy Groundhog Day!  We have six more weeks of winter according to the prognosticating groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. A friend send me an oddly appropriate funny.  Must share.  What a great idea!  Though, when i finally obtain a still, my first beverage will … Continue reading

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