2-2-12, Thursday

Happy Groundhog Day!  We have six more weeks of winter according to the prognosticating groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil.

A friend send me an oddly appropriate funny.  Must share.  What a great idea!  Though, when i finally obtain a still, my first beverage will be a cider.  From what i’ve learned, cider is the easiest thing to make, then wine, then beer.  And i love cider, so that’s cool.

I found out what’s wrong with my back, and i’m getting it fixed.  Completely fixable.  Yay!  So i’ll be going to the chiropractor, Dr. Lee at Health Source, everyday (besides weekends) for the next 7 days.  He’s already made me feel better, and i can finally sleep.  Apparently all my activity has just made it worse.  So i must fix it so i don’t have to slow down.

Tonight i’m making pizza.  i already had dough in the freezer, because i make 2 doughs at a time.  The cool thing is that we’ve been growing mushrooms.  They’re supposed to be button shrooms, like you buy at the store.  These are much bigger.  So i’ll just sauté 3 shrooms for the pizza.  i’ve never seen button shrooms get so big before.  Weird.


Anyways, hopefully today is as nice as yesterday, because we just went to the local nursery and got a few pounds of onion bulbs.  Only yellow and white were left and i bought the last of the white ones.i’m going to put them all through the fence area garden where i just planted the snap peas.  Plus i need a little extra to plant in a friend’s garden for helping me out with the facebook page i just made and don’t know what to do with.  i also got an neat heirloom tomato packet of seeds called Tomato Violet Jasper.  It’s a violet purple fruit with iridescent green streaks.   Sounds cool.  And it’s time to start them indoors, so they’ll be ready to transplant in the garden after the last frost at the end of March.

Now the for the sprout update:  as you can see, the sprouts are growing.  It’s been 36 hours since we first put the seeds in the tray.  It looks like they probably won’t be ready to use in salads, juices, homemade breads or sandwiches, or whatever until tomorrow.  When i harvest the sprouts, they are just about filling up the tray they’re in.  One tablespoon of seeds will fill a quart jar with sprouts.  That’s why it looked like i didn’t put much in the trays initially. The Hard red wheat is on the bottom, alfalfa in the middle, and salad mix on the top.  Below is a close up of the salad mix.  In that one, the mung bean have the thickest sprouts.  i’m still filling up the top reservoir  with water and emptying the bottom three times a day.  i haven’t really gone into why it’s beneficial to sprout, and so much better than buying them from the store.  Especially the alfalfa, because most alflalfa is genetically modified, even if  it was from an organic seed, because of cross pollination.

Several sprouts contain more protein than cooked meat-at a tiny fraction of the cost. The presence and balance of amino acids makes this protein more digestible. All sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and fiber. When exposed to light, several become rich in chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll helps cleanse and oxygenate the blood. Enzymes aid in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and contribute to the body’s life force. Fiber aids elimination and their lecithin helps the body get rid of cholesterol.  Sprouts are real health food. They are full of life. The right combination of sprouts contains everything needed for life and health. All their many nutritional elements are easily assimilated and readily available to your body. When home-grown, you know they are pure, and you can enjoy them at their prime.

So yesterday was the Occupy the Shed protest.  I guess we can’t really call it a protest as most of the “occupiers” were buying food and drinks there.  And the media did not show up like they were supposed to.  But since we were all wearing the same protest shirt, at least the Trinity River Improvement Partnership (TRIP) got some attention from local residence.  More information on this can be found at www.savethetrinityriver.org.

I’m about to dice up bunches and bunches of green olives and jappies for my world-famous Zesty Olive Relish.  Not gunna share the secret, but it is really good, and my top seller.  Tomorrow i must get packed up for the trip to Weatherford early Saturday morning.  It’s time for First Monday.  i’e never done the one in Weatherford.  So hopefully we’ll hae beautiful weather and a great turnout interested in organic food.  Because i’m broke and need the money.

The question is, why are politicians so eager to be president? What is it about the job that makes it worth revealing, on national television, that you have the ethical standards of a slime-coated piece of industrial waste? ~ Dave Barry

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