If any of these classes interests you, send me an e-mail at .  They are available 7 days a week in Mansfield, TX, so just contact me and we’ll set up a convenient time.

Canning Classes:

I teach how to put up the current seasonal crop so it’s preserved safely for later use, by pickling or jamming. Learn how to choose healthy, real food, sustainably grown to nourish our families.  Each class costs $50 per person, and can be done one-on-one or with a group at my home. All students take home one jar of the product made in class that day, along with a print-out of the recipe and loads of new knowledge.

I’m available for private group canning classes.  For $350, I will come to your house with all the supplies needed for a batch of seasonal and local jam or pickles. Invite your friends (groups of no more than six or seven people, please) over and learn how to preserve your own food!  Everyone participating will get to keep a jar of what we make.


We’ll cover the equipment, techniques and nutritional/ environmental  benefits of dehydrating fruits & vegetables.  This is so much more  than a handful of dried fruit.  It will open up new worlds in the  kitchen.  For $80 a person, you’ll learn how to blanch and what produce needs blanching before preserving,  preparing produce for freezing and dehydrating, as well as how to make jerky, vegetable chips, and yogurt leathers.  This is a 4 hour class, and everyone will get to take home a bag of jerky and yogurt leathers.

Bread making:   

Come join me for bread making!  Come join me for bread making!  In this class, we start from scratch.  We’ll go step-by-step through the whole bread making process.  We don’t use bread makers here, so you’ll learn how to activate yeast, common yeasty-issues, and how to cold ferment over night dough.   This is a 3 hour class, at $50 a person and everyone will get to take home a loaf of garlic cheese bread and a bag of homemade pizza dough that we’ll make, as well as the recipes.

Nutrition Classes:

In this class i will walk you through everything you want to avoid in food when purchasing it for your family.  We’ll discuss genetically modified (GMO) foods, food additives, brands and organic selections.  So make your shopping list and we’ll head to the store where we’ll put this knowledge into action, and i’ll personally walk you through making healthy food choices.  This 3 hour class can be one-on-one or up to 4 people at $50 a person.


Do you want to make prepare and cook organic, tasty food, but need some help to get started?  In this class you’ll learn the techniques of cooking that chefs use everyday in a home cooking context. So decide what you want to learn how to make, and we’ll purchase the ingredients, and make your meal.  For $35 plus the cost of your food, you’ll leave this class with the skills and confidence to prepare gourmet, organic cuisine! Plus you’ll take home your new creation, as well as the recipes to do it again.  I would recommend taking the nutrition class first, but that isn’t required.

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